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Salon Des Fleurs About Us

The Salon Des Fleurs Company was founded in 1981 and is based in Cyprus. In the early years of the Company’s operations it was exclusively concerned with the retail sale of flowers and other related items with a limited turnover. Over the years, the Company’s turnover has grown, resulting in the need to expand the Company’s premises with the creation of two additional stores today in the wider Nicosia area. Today, the Company deals with interior and exterior decorations, undertakes weddings and other receptions, while it is also affiliated with the International Flower Network of Greece and sends flowers worldwide.

With organization, modern management and rich staffing, it has managed to dominate the market and become one of the leading companies in its industry.

The Company has a staff of 12 people, with specialized knowledge and experience. They are a well-trained team providing high quality services for the best service. Its goal is to meet the needs of its customers with the variety and high quality of products offered.

When we see a rose or a pony or a lily, not only do we see a beautiful flower, we see an opportunity to help someone express a feeling: appreciation, worship, condolences, gratitude, love. It can be difficult to express what is in your heart. But an extra bouquet can do the job surprisingly well. Every bouquet from our florists is lovingly processed internally by our team of inspirational floral artists. It means that we are capable and responsible for controlling the quality very closely and we can promise that your market will never include a sprouted flower or a tired stem.

We continue to respond to your most blooming requirements. We remain consistent in our dream, which finally finds its place. A place we took care of in every detail so that you can travel wherever you wish. You just, enjoy it!